Vitality on the work floor: more than just taking the stairs

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Leef Vitaal

The world around us is changing, and the demands on people are high. That’s why it’s important for our people to balance their work and their private lives. In my role as Reward Consultant, I lead projects that deal with employment benefits and are aimed at improving vitality at ABN AMRO.

Innovation is something that I pursue on a personal level too: how to stay at the forefront of my profession, and discovering what it takes. Lydia van Meeuwen Lydia van Meeuwen Reward Consultant at Transformation & HR

One of those projects is LEEFVitaal! This programme to encourage healthy living focuses on three themes: physical, social and mental health in the workplace. For each of these themes we offer workshops or coaching. For example, you can sign up for a health survey to check your biological age, take part in vitality workshops or attend sessions about the importance of healthy nutrition. Everyone decides for themselves what they want to do, and what their goals are. We’ve also set ourselves a target of finding 1,000+ people at the bank to sign up for this year’s Dam tot Damloop event: running, cycling or walking, whichever they prefer, and whatever distance they want. What matters most is that people do whatever works for them. I will be running, for example: I go running all year round, as well as cycling with friends in the summer.

Taking the stairs, leaving the coffee

My role in the LEEFVitaal! project has been to help create an integrated platform, which makes it easier to take part in activities. The next step is to make people excited about the project. I encourage departments to take part in the health survey and sign up for coaching and workshops. The idea is that people then keep each other motivated: with a workforce numbering in the thousands, I could never reach everyone on my own. So my team and I have recruited a hundred ambassadors throughout the organisation to help us. For example, they set up weekly challenges for departments: points are scored by taking the stairs all day, not having coffee or going for a walk at lunchtime. The team with the most points at the end of the week is awarded a small prize.

Staying at the forefront of my profession

Besides working on LEEFVitaal!, I also spend much of my time on the MyBenefits Snapshot. This new product offers our people improved digital service and a better understanding of their employment benefits. Everyone has a personal overview, so they can see how much pension they have accrued and how much of their leave entitlement they have taken, as well as details of their remuneration, mobility arrangements, personal development budget, bicycle scheme and more. This is a challenging project with a very large team, and my job as project leader is to make sure that everyone completes their work according to schedule. What makes this project so exciting is that we are being innovative in HR. Innovation is something that I pursue on a personal level too: how to stay at the forefront of my profession, and discovering what it takes. I reflect on my job frequently: how to do it better, how to do it more efficiently, how to benefit from developments on the market. Being critical creates opportunities – which in fact is why I decided to join ABN AMRO eighteen months ago.


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