Franklin van den Berg
Franklin van den Berg

Although you’ll work as a specialist in this Business Line, your skills will transcend the boundaries of your field. To attain your goal, you’ll examine possible options with colleagues. Stand firm, share knowledge, and put it into practice for our clients.

What we do

The bank’s specialists work at Functions. Professionals who contribute to ABN AMRO’s results from their specific professional field. You’ll find them in the most varied fields, such as:

What’s your challenge?

Knowledge as a means, not an end
We are working hard to build a better bank, together with demanding regulators and critical clients. That is why we’re investing more than ever before in deepening and broadening your highly specialised knowledge. For example, via:

Visionary projects

We are constantly on the lookout for improvements. This is reflected in our research activities and strategic processes, which you can learn a lot from and make an important contribution to. For example, we are researching trends and developments to determine what the bank will look like in 2020 and how people will want to work at that time.

Who are we looking for

Strong yet flexible specialists
We are looking for socially intelligent specialists with a feel for nuance and practical realism, who can explain complex matters in clear language. You are alert to the interests we serve as a social organisation, only take risks that you can calculate and choose sustainable solutions.

Get started

Functions includes many specialisms. Check the website regularly for new vacancies in your field, for example:

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