Business lines

We have various products and services for the most diverse clients. All with their own needs, questions and challenges. From students to self-employed workers, and from the village baker to global multinationals. In order to serve them and aid their success, we have organised ourselves into various divisions.

Corporate Banking

Heleen Bovekerk

Corporate Banking serves the business market. It’s a market that’s so diverse that we serve it from different Business Lines.

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Franklin van den Berg

The bank’s specialists work at Functions. They’re professionals who contribute to the bank’s results from their specific field.

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Retail & Private Banking

Laura ter Heijden

Retail Banking and Private Banking have one thing in common: everything revolves around individual customers.

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Technology, Operations & Property Services (TOPS)

Manon Spermon

The TOPS Business Line is the bank’s backbone. This is where all the operational processes for instance are facilitated.

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