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TOPS is the bank’s ‘backbone’. It’s how we facilitate all operational processes. We work in various departments, from ICT to Facility Management and from Security to Project Management. We aim to be a proactive innovation platform, by assessing external developments, looking ahead and acting as a business partner.

Optimising everything

Our department ensures that ABN AMRO continues its daily operations and is a good bank and employer. We organise our branches, improve internal processes and ensure that colleagues can do their work for clients as well and as comfortably as possible

What’s your challenge?

The Business Line is strongly focused on the future. We’ve launched a visionary process, for instance, in which all departments give structured consideration to where we want to be, and can be, in 2020. This has already delivered tangible results, such as an innovation centre for piloting new products and services, a wide range of organic catering options and new cradle-to-cradle carpeting in the workplace.

Who are we looking for

Go-getters with a mission
We offer opportunities, challenges and training programmes at all levels. If you want to change things, you’re bound to encounter resistance. And then you can give up, say ‘fine’ and walk away. Or see it through, because you believe in what you’re doing. Guess which colleagues we’re looking for to change this Business Line into an innovation platform?

Get started
We are particularly looking for project managers, business analysts, facility management experts and process managers. However, within the Business Line there are enough departments and fields to give long-term support to a wide variety of career options. Whether you’re interested in mortgages, apps, payment transactions, purchasing or fraud. We’d like to meet you if you:

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