Diversity in our organisation

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We’re curious about your reasons for visiting this web page. What were you looking for or hoping to find? Probably not some story about 'learning from other cultures', 'synergy' and 'equal opportunities'. That’s pedestrian - you can read it anywhere. But what is interesting is who you are and what you can bring to us. In short: your story. That’s what we’d like to discuss with you. And with everyone else, in fact. Because there’s a lot to be done and we want to harness as much talent as possible.

We need you

A bank in which all sorts of talented individuals work together - that is our aim. Because we are firmly convinced that differences between colleagues generate not only more ideas, but also better ones. That, in turn, means better products and services that benefit our customers. So we’re looking for talented people in every sense of the word.

It's getting better all the time

So what exactly is a 'diverse' organisation? After all, diversity isn’t something you can easily identify or measure. Diversity is something you experience and feel, each in his own way. We’re making good progress, but we’re not there yet. The bank is gradually getting more female, more racially diverse and younger. With room, of course, for people to be themselves, instead of having to act differently than when they’re at home. We don’t claim to be a diversity paradise, but it is something that we are working on extremely hard and take very seriously. But we need to make the difference together. So, why not join us and make use of your talents?

This is what we do

Diversity and inclusion are high-priority issues at ABN AMRO, from the boardroom right down to the smallest branch. A dedicated team of staff coordinates all initiatives, from conferences and interesting workshops to Women’s Banking Days, cultural diversity dinners, LGBT events such as our ‘Be yourself at work’ campaign and workplaces for staff with a physical impairment. What we’re interested in is talent. We also bring diverse people into contact with each other through a range of diversity networks. One of these is the DNA network: it’s not a formal social club, but an informal platform for meeting people you wouldn’t normally run into.

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