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Dozens of trainees join ABN AMRO every year, on their way to a career in the financial services industry. They’re all enterprising people, with hearts as well as brains. They’re highly talented individuals who are keen to excel, preferably as part of a team and never at the expense of others.

Develop yourself through a talent programme

A talent programme consists of two larger, professional assignments within your preferred specialist field and a hands-on assignment for different clients. You’ll work on challenging projects that you can choose yourself over the course of a year. That means you’ll gain experience in multiple parts of the business. From day one, you’ll be involved in complex projects that make a real impact on people’s work and lives. For example, you could be working on market research, making in-depth financial analysis, or helping to build an app for our clients. 

It will come as no surprise that we expect you to take responsibility in this. But you’re not alone; we support you with intensive coaching. You will also participate in a development programme with various intensive training sessions that focus on your personal and professional growth. Give your career a flying start, with every opportunity to develop into the professional you aspire to be. Regardless of whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, or broaden or deepen your knowledge. Because one thing’s for sure: during the talent programme, you’ll get to know yourself and the bank better than ever.

Our five culture principles

Our culture is shaped by how we deal with each other, how we speak to each other and how we act toward our clients. Do these culture principles reflect your personality? 

Crazy for clients
Everything we do, we do for our clients, and with their interests in mind.
I am Team
A better we is a better me. We are better together.
Give Trust
We trust our clients and each other.
Are you in
Wonderful people create a wonderful working environment. We ask you to bring out the best in yourself.
Be a columbus
We would like to reinvent ourselves. We like to research, experiment, learn and adapt to change - everything for the customer.


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