Why take up a graduate position at ABN AMRO?

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A great deal has happened in the financial world in recent years, which is precisely why there is a lot of work to be done. There are challenges in the near future, and that means opportunities for you.  Those opportunities are in fact there already. At least, if you want to help us build a bank that is firmly rooted in the community, where customers come first and colleagues are key. Starting from that basic idea, we will train you in a specialism that suits you.

You are a frontrunner

We’ve stepped into the future of banking: IT is increasingly becoming our core business. In this challenging environment there are opportunities for the most diverse professionals. Socially intelligent and creative professionals with a can-do attitude: we give them responsibility and ample room to develop from day one.

What are you suited to?

The financial world is changing, which has its advantages, but also makes processes more complex. That must not result in inconvenience for people. Not for colleagues, and certainly not for customers. What role could you play in ensuring this? Perhaps you like keeping everything in order. Or maybe you’re at your best when others can excel thanks to your efforts. We will work with you to find the right position and to make you jointly responsible for setting our organisation on the right course: going forward.

Positions in high demand are

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Get started straightaway

With a professional or academic bachelor's degree, a maximum of one year’s work experience and a natural affinity with the financial sector, you can apply for a graduate position. If we suit each other, you can get started straightaway.

If you'd like to get to know us, come to one of our events.

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