Nancy van Beest

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“Finally, a client who's not afraid to allow a freelancer to put their own ideas into practice.”

Nancy van Beest is living proof that a freelancer with a good idea can make the difference at ABN AMRO. What is more, you’ll find her walking round the different departments with her dog, training employees in a new, effective method of customer contact. Her unusual approach helps her to achieve a great deal.

What is your background?

I've gained a lot of professional experience in customer contact, and have also seen how not to do it. At ABN AMRO, I now coach employees in customer experience, customer contact and complaints management. My method focuses on empathy and results.

Why choose a career as an interim professional?

I am able to put my passion to better use than when I had a permanent job and to focus completely on the content of my specialism. Combining my work and personal life is also easier than in the past.

How did you end up at ABN AMRO?

I just rang them up! I asked if they would be prepared to give me feedback on my method. They were immediately enthusiastic, and after a few interviews, I was able to start straightaway.

What qualities do you need to succeed?

Determination and a good understanding of where your added value lies. Show initiative, seek out contacts and tell your story. Talk to senior management, but to colleagues on the work floor as well. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience.


It's a quality standard. The size of the organisation also has advantages, such as good facilities. There are professionals in every department who are willing to help you, from HR to investment. There’s a strong awareness of the value of diversity and of people who think in an unconventional way.

Do you have any tips for other interim professionals?

If you want to make the difference, you can at ABN AMRO. Look at me: I put forward a proposal and two years later I'm training people in 12 departments. As a self-employed person with a small business, I make a positive impact. So don’t think that only the big agencies have a chance. If you've got a good idea, use it!

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Everyone benefits from good customer contact: the customer, the organisation and the colleague, who gets more enjoyment from speaking to customers.

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