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Quintin Milder, Project Management

As an experienced interim professional, you can put your skills to good use in lots of areas and carefully select your assignments. If you choose us, it’s because our assignments, organisation and colleagues are a good fit for you. We can give you four reasons why there could be a good fit between us.

Make an impact

Our interim assignments allow you to grow, both as a subject specialist and as a person, due to their innovative character, substantive complexity and positive impact on those around you. Afterwards, your knowledge, ability and appetite will all have increased. And who knows, you might want to use them at ABN AMRO again.

Enter into a partnership

We will never ask you to keep an empty chair warm. Working with interim professionals is a deliberate decision on our part. Even though we may not need your expertise on a permanent basis, once you've proved yourself we will be keen to invite you back for a new assignment. That means we both invest in each other. You give us your knowledge, creativity and acuity; we act as a reliable partner with whom you can make sound arrangements about input, flexibility and pay.

Distinguish yourself as an interim professional

We are offering you the chance to be part of our development towards a new form of banking: modern, diverse, accessible and in the interests of the customer in every respect. That is a step-by-step process, so your legal, technical, financial or commercial expertise will be put to good use. But we are also looking for something extra. Something in you. Such as a knowledge of people, the ability to overcome obstacles intelligently and to surprise both colleagues and customers.

You belong

Perhaps your experience does not lie principally in the banking world, but you recognise yourself in this profile, in terms of job description and personality. If so, don't be put off, as you might fit in very well at the bank and with all those colleagues keen to make progress. You will not be an outsider or a temp. Your role is to strengthen or lead a project team with your knowledge and personal qualities. We appreciate that, and that is something you will notice; you will belong from day one.

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