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In Brazil, ABN AMRO mainly operates in Energy, Commodities & Transportation (ECT). And for good reason: there are plenty of commodities that originate from this beautiful country. For example, did you know that half the coffee beans that make it into our morning brew come from Brazil? As the largest port of Latin America, Santos in São Paulo can accommodate the transportation of a lot of these commodities. São Paulo also is the headquarters of the Brazilian stock market, Bovespa, which is why our Clearing services are located here.

Working in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most promising economies worldwide, which extends to the international appeal of the local labour market. A positive attitude and a focus on helping others is deeply rooted in the Brazilian identity. As well as customer relationships, Brazilians place great importance on relationships with colleagues, family and friends too. 

At ABN AMRO Brazil, we value the diverse backgrounds, views and perspectives of our employees. We aim to create the best environment for our employees to help them succeed. This includes launching the new “ABN Viver Bem” programme, aiming to encourage the mental, physical and social wellbeing of our employees.

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