Working abroad

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Derek Bruce, International Development

At ABN AMRO, we want our expertise to continue to lead the way in the financial world. Literally, as we follow our customers wherever in the world their business or private assets take them. If your own career plans include an international route, we’ve got some great opportunities for you. After a period of domestic introspection, we now want to boost our foreign expertise once more. It’ll be a step-by-step process, helped by your professional knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for travel.

Have you got what it takes?

For many professionals, their greatest drive is to build something worthwhile. You’ll get the opportunity to do business locally outside the Netherlands. That involves making decisions on behalf of an international group with a global knowledge network and a unique history. At the same time we’re looking to the future, which means that we are aware of our limits. We’re inviting you to extend those limits, in a way that suits our role in the new, global financial reality.

Global presence

We’ve got branches throughout the world. In some countries, our presence is modest; in others, we have larger teams. What we do also varies from country to country. We help our retail customers benefit from their assets, and process large numbers of transactions on international exchanges every day. We are also internationally active in the area of Corporate Banking. In the ECT field, for instance, where we’ve made our mark internationally thanks to our sector knowledge and global presence. Whatever your chosen banking specialism, you can develop it abroad.

We are working on initiatives on all continents and looking for opportunities to serve new customers, research markets, make contacts and put ideas into practice. Take a look at the world map and see what we do in each part of the world. Then click on the links to contact one of the local recruiters for more information about your chosen country.

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