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Joost Beers, Sales Innovatie

This is an interesting time to be working for ABN AMRO. A great deal has happened in the banking industry over the past few years, and plenty of challenges await for the future. Not that we’re afraid of them. In fact, we actively seek them out, because we want to be a better bank and we want to help shape the future of banking. You can help us achieve this, as interns are also given work that matters right from day one.

What are your actual skills?

Whether you’re someone who gets high grades or who’s outstanding at a particular sport, you’ll find it interesting to discover how you can best use your abilities in a large organisation. The things you know when you arrive here will be worth much more by the time you leave, as you will be developing your skills on a wide range of assignments. You will be challenged to test your limits, and that’s good for your own personal development as well as for ours.

Choose your own path

An internship at ABN AMRO is never set in stone. There is plenty of scope for deciding for yourself what you’d like do. In consultation with your colleagues and internship supervisor, you’ll decide what assignments you want to do and what responsibilities are entailed. So plot your own route, show us what you can do and you should be able to proudly add a new section to your CV on the unforgettable time you spent with us! This may be very useful in your career. It also means you’ll already be familiar with the organisation should you wish to come and work for us after you graduate.

Sound like a good idea? Check out our list of internships. If you’d prefer to get to know us first, please come to one of our events.

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