Jos Blom
Jos Blom

Working on projects that matter, together with other professionals from whom you can learn a lot. Taking direct responsibility from day one, making your own choices and taking decisions, always in the interests of the customer and the future of the bank. That is what working at ABN AMRO means. 


Making a move to ABN AMRO basically always means opting to deepen or broaden your professional knowledge. Whether it is the customers we serve or the sectors in which we operate, the colleagues  you work with or the products we develop, at virtually every level we will hone your expertise and open the way for a step upwards or sideways. This way you will grow rapidly into the professional you want to be.


Whatever your specialism, we will challenge you to use your innovativity and creativity for the bank of the future. If you are an ICT specialist, for example, we will challenge you to devise more functions for our app. If you are a Risk Manager, we will challenge you to come up with a sound debtor policy, or if you are a Finance & Reporting Specialist we will ask you to produce crystal-clear reports for supervisors. That is how we stay one step ahead in providing banking services and offer our customers a good balance between care and success.


ABN AMRO is going through a number of positive and radical changes. We have stepped into the future of banking in every aspect. In this dynamic and challenging environment there are golden opportunities for the most diverse professionals. To allow you to make the most of those opportunities, we will give you responsibility from day one. We will expect you to use it to advance in the direction that the bank wants to go. We have no use for someone who simply sits there passively, nodding in agreement. Nor have our customers. What we want is someone who takes decisions that make the difference between good and better.


We will offer you a working environment in which different talents work together intensively, keep each other on their toes and enjoy each other's company. We are convinced that a combination of diverse talents  produces the best results for our customers.

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