Help the business to make clients’ dreams come true. In a complex environment, work on strategic change processes that transcend departments and cross the entire organisation. Teamwork is the keyword here.

That’s why we’re regularly looking for consultants who understand how you implement a complex business strategy efficiently and effectively – one which is always coordinated with the front and back offices, as well as with the IT department of course. As a consultant, you’re an independent director and advisor for various chains, business lines and departments within the bank.

It’s your role to bring all the stakeholders together. You rally support for your improvement plans and have no time for the status quo. You know what’s going on because you have stakeholders at different levels within the bank. Interesting – because you’re building such an extensive network. But also complex – because of the diversity of people’s individual wishes and goals. So it’s all about managing these expectations.

Are you ready to turn improvement plans into real changes? Then you may be the proactive consultant we’re looking for. Check out our vacancies in the consultancy field below.