Human Resources

ABN AMRO is evolving fast. And in the right way: sustainably, digital, responsibly and with our customers’ interests at the core of everything we do. We need people who can keep up that course and momentum. Finding, retaining and motivating the right recruits is HR’s traditional role. We work proactively with all departments within the bank. So we’re looking for proactive business partners at HR too.

Towards success

HR focuses on the future by definition. We’re helping to guide the process of change ABN AMRO is going through today, by finding and retaining a new generation of professionals for virtually every specialist field. In so doing, we are contributing directly to the achievement of our bank’s most important business goal: to help our customers succeed.

Modernising your field

The HR field is changing on all fronts. Take the new evaluation processes, for instance, or the focus on team development and coaching. The growing influence of Metrics and Analytics is another good example. These tools enhance our insight into the bank’s figures and tell us whether we’re on track to achieve our HR objectives. The information they provide also allows us to recruit in a way that’s more successful, targeted and aligned with the bank’s overall course. To keep pace with the technical transformation of HR, we also invest heavily in training and education. This is how you can help us build a better bank.