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John Forcelledo
John Forcelledo

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Be the Fintech professional of tomorrow

At ABN AMRO, ICT is about technology, not technicians. It’s a field for committed, communicative people who think the way the customer does. Who identify problems, act on them and implement solutions. Building bridges is important. And they can be pretty long ones: from a smartphone in the Netherlands, for instance, to our suppliers in India. Not quite up to that yet? No problem, provided you’re keen to learn from the experts around you.

What will you do as an ICT Consultant?

The ICT field is made up of two departments: Solutions, where ideas are developed, and Services, which puts them into practice. Based on your talents, interests and ambitions, you’ll choose one of these departments. We also need ambitious people to make sure our internal and external infrastructure works well and keeps on working. Whatever your choice, we’re a large, IT-driven organisation. So there’s always lots to learn.

Our development

We’ve largely outsourced our implementation work. ICT now sees itself more as a business partner that solves and prevents problems. We have to understand our customers’ and colleagues’ needs and develop the right solutions for them. We also support our customers all over the world. We build networks so that the products and services they use in the Netherlands are also accessible internationally.

Your development

As an ICT professional you’ll work with specialists who know what they’re talking about. That will inspire you to raise your own game too. If you’re fresh from college, you’ll learn a huge amount from these experts. We assume you have the basic skills, but you don’t have to know everything. Provided you’re committed, speak good English, like to think of ways to do things better, and aren’t afraid to overturn conventional technical wisdom.

Positions within ICT

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