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We have serious ambitions for the future. By 2020 we hope to have our bank fully digitised. This is not a transformation that will be achieved without a few hiccups along the way. The complex landscape of online banking is evolving at a rapid pace, and IT is playing an ever more prominent role: processes need to be meticulous while becoming faster and more efficient. New developments include cloud solutions, Agile, Scrum and the increasing importance of the security of our bank data. IT means anticipating these changes and working to create future-proof solutions: for our own people as well as for our clients.

Complex questions demand smart solutions

Whether we are developing smart software solutions or translating business issues into concrete designs, everything we do needs to be based on the very latest technologies and possibilities. This requires creative and innovative minds, in a world that is becoming smaller and smaller and where restrictions are disappearing. Our work is not limited to the Netherlands alone: we also interact with ABN AMRO’s international partners on a daily basis. So if you want to be part of this, offering us your input and doing your bit to make our systems better and better every day, take a look at the job openings below and see whether we have anything for you.

A serious step towards the future with the IT Academy

Did you know that ABN AMRO has set up an IT Academy? In this rapidly evolving field, today’s innovation is tomorrow’s stagnation. To keep pace with all of the changes, we have launched the IT Academy, a top-notch learning environment where IT talents participate in an intensive training programme. We prepare our IT professionals for their role as Solution Designer, Service Management Officer or Security Professional. We need these talented staff, as only with a flexible, state-of-the-art IT landscape can we keep up with the changing environment. Graduates are ready to take on the cloud, model-based development and service-oriented architecture.

Michel van Drie

"Banking will be different. Our people and solutions will shape this future."

Michel van Drie, Managing Director IT Solutions

Michel van Drie, Managing Director IT Solutions

"Everything is digital: what the bank produces, how the bank communicates, how the bank works. We are evolving at a rapid pace to match our clients’ expectations and the developments on the market. As a member of ABN AMRO’s IT Solutions team it is your job to translate these wishes and changes into digital solutions. You create, develop and implement new applications, and you analyse the designs and solutions of our IT partners. You work hard to develop your talents in an international IT community.”

Read Michel van Drie’s blog: ‘Driven by technology: a farewell to the traditional bank’.

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