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Gwendolyn van Tunen
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A great deal is changing both inside and outside the bank. Changes in financial legislation and regulations follow each other in rapid succession; the content is becoming more complex and both the public and the regulators follow what we do with a critical eye. As a result, there is a growing need in the business for advice and guidance from Legal and Compliance. These developments have consequences for the type of colleagues that we are looking for at both Legal and Compliance: specialists in content, partners in business.


Our legal specialists have the task of identifying and reducing legal risks. Part of that involves protecting the reputation of the bank. In addition, we use our expertise, creativity and experience to support all departments in the achievement of their objectives.


The financial world has been put under the microscope, and external regulators have acquired a great deal more influence. As a consequence, the role of Compliance has also changed. Instead of only monitoring processes and rendering account, we have also increasingly begun offering guidance on conduct and culture. This shift from reactive to proactive policy also applies to our relationship with our regulators. We regularly talk to them about transparent product development, unambiguous regulation and corporate responsibility.

This means we are looking for specialists who are capable of dealing with complex subject matter at their professional level and of translating that content into crystal-clear policy for all staff. We are therefore especially interested in you if you have the desire to deepen your expertise and broaden your social skills.

Continue developing

The outside world is changing continually and at an increasingly rapid tempo. In such a dynamic environment, it’s important to continue developing your subject knowledge and your role as a business partner. That is why Legal and Compliance invest in development and training initiatives such as the professionals@functions programme.

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