Responsibility for a team, watching people grow or create something out of nothing... Ask any manager why he or she gets out of bed in the morning and you’ll usually get a pretty strong answer. Leadership is more than a business card with director or manager on it. Our field is too complex for that. At ABN AMRO, leadership is a profession.

ABN AMRO Leadership Qualities (LQ’s)

The same leadership qualities apply across the whole of ABN AMRO: people, personal, and performance leadership. The thinking behind this is that your own growth and the growth of your people go hand in hand, and together lead to greater achievements. What’s more, they’re all dependent on each other. We’re convinced that we perform best as a bank when there’s room for individual growth. Our leaders must find the balance between what’s good for our clients, our employees and the bank. It’s a profession that takes a conscious decision to follow.

The result is coming up with the right potential solutions for our clients and the bank. In order to create an innovative environment in which this is possible, you need to visibly inspire confidence in your people. For example, by saying out loud that it’s ok to make mistakes, or by putting people forward for a challenging project.

Performance leadership

You’re able to get across a vision that people feel engaged with. And you set ambitious goals. You make it clear what you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you in return. You monitor the progress of goals and meetings, and you give people clear feedback.

Are you worth it?

Whether you want to grow, build or improve, you’ll discover your true worth as a leader at ABN AMRO. As one of our regional directors so aptly put it: “I want to make sure that people like working for me and that clients like doing business with me”.

A true leader doesn’t need to strut

"I vowed I’d never be the kind of manager who takes credit for all his team’s hard work"

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