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Positioning the ABN AMRO brand in the market powerfully and consistently, as a transparent company that places its customers centre stage and that its staff are proud of. At Marketing and Communication, there are various ways in which you can help guard that reputation. And there’s a new wind blowing in both specialist fields.

There's a lot going on

These are challenging times. We’re an organisation with a clear social role that is undergoing a culture change. Now that the dust has settled in our offices, we have a clear view of where we’re heading. We’re doing a lot of good things in order to get there, but not everyone has seen that yet. That’s why we need people who can help paint a clear and realistic picture of a sustainable and socially engaged bank.

A clear message

Day in, day out, we are working to translate our corporate identity into a message that spells out what we stand for. A message for everyone: customers, suppliers, colleagues, regulators, politicians and the media. But there is still a lot to tell. Like how we are pursuing an open dialogue with our stakeholders and are making our core processes sustainable at breakneck speed. And also what we think about the importance of plain language.

Customised marketing

Marketing is not getting any easier. A pensioner might take out an insurance policy online, while a young entrepreneur might request a hard copy brochure on credit facilities. Age brackets, channels and methods are blending together, making the field a highly complex one. There’s only one solution, and that’s a customised approach.

Who are we looking for?

We’re interested in people who, having graduated and gained some work experience, don’t want to just flop into a chair and stay there. We want to see that you’ve got a broad skill set and that you are willing to look beyond the confines of your own specialist field. In other words, that you’ve got a flexible mentality, but also the courage of your convictions at the same time. After all, we are conveying just one message, with the entire bank.

What are your options?

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