Project & Process Management

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The heart of the bank is your home base. It's where you work to bring projects and processes to a successful conclusion, time and time again. That means: on time, affordably and through good cooperation with colleagues. Your goal is not just to work through your to-do list, but to ensure improvements for the customer. With that in mind, you oversee and manage the whole chain between initial request and final solution.

What's your role?

As a Project or Process Manager, you are one of the bank’s bridge builders. Your task is to link questions from the customer-facing departments (both retail and business customers) to the specialists within the organisation who can provide the right answer. That might be a specific product, such as a new savings concept, or a radical change process which provides businesses with clarity about their credit applications more quickly. Whatever the assignment, your job is to join together the right links in the chain between need and solution and to oversee the multidisciplinary process so that everything happens on time, within budget and smoothly.

Make a difference

To start with, you need a helicopter view. You are at the heart of the organisation and your influence reaches out from there to the furthest corners of the bank. You enjoy working in a project-based way. That means taking on assignments, overseeing, concluding and then moving on. You also have the ability to unite the most diverse experts and inspire their enthusiasm for your assignment, whether they be technicians or lawyers, financial specialists or marketeers.

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