Risk Management

In a rapidly changing world and challenging economic times, evaluating financial risks is becoming ever more dynamic, complex and important. At the same time, banks are facing tighter supervision and increased regulation. How does the bank respond to these developments and trends? A great challenge that you as a risk professional can help us meet.

Bank on a mission

A healthy relationship between risk and returns, underpinned by a moderate risk profile – that’s our mission at ABN AMRO Risk Management. We aim to develop further and measure up to the best of the best among international risk management organisations.

Making the difference

As evaluating financial risks becomes ever more complex, ABN AMRO has put in place an integrated risk management strategy. This means that all of the bank’s employees will have to have a clear understanding of the risks at play in their field of action – and to act on this information every single day. So risk management isn’t just about working at the top of your game, it’s a team sport. And you won’t just be working with your colleagues at Risk Management, you’ll be in close contact with people throughout the bank. State-of-the-art risk management means:

  • Showing leadership and persistence 
  • Exploring, setting and monitoring limits 
  • Communicating in an open and transparent way 
  • Being open to new initiatives 
  • Looking to keep learning

Small steps, big difference

By making even the smallest of changes, we can contribute to something very big indeed.

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Investigating threats to the bank

"Together with a group of colleagues, I analyse a range of legislation to determine how it translates into risks and opportunities for us."

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