Pre Employment Screening

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is committed to safeguarding the reliability, professionalism and security of its organisation. The final stage of the application procedure therefore consists of a pre-employment screening. We will only process your application if you agree to participate.

The Pre Employment Screening Policy that ABN AMRO Bank NV performs contains at least the following topics:

  • Investigation of irregularities;
  • Identity verification;
  • Address verification;
  • Verification of certificate(s);
  • Verification of employment history for the last five years;
  • Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG).

I give permission to ABN AMRO Bank NV to inspect and verify internal and external implementation of the Pre Employment Screening integrity sensitive information and data request. The external screening for ABN AMRO (only applicable for applications on positions of ABN AMRO in the Netherlands) is performed by a specialized screening organisation, Validata (for more information, visit Foreign branches of ABN AMRO have their own screeing procedure and can make use of a local screenings agency.