Senior Restructurer FR&R IC&S I - Amsterdam

  • Posting Date: 11-06-2019
  • Vacancy number: 21860
At a glance

Are you capable to stand your ground in challenging negotiations, convince multiple stakeholders of your vision, lead deal teams and strike the right balance between diverging interests to ultimately ensure a feasible and sustainable new credit structure for distressed clients? Then you might find your match within Financial Restructuring & Recovery International Clients. We are looking for a senior restructurer who is right in the centre of these demanding processes. What do you see when you envision the next step? Work on achieving your goals and develop yourself professionally and personally. Tell us your story. We want to hear it! 

Your job

The  Restructuring team is part of FR&R International Clients. This team is responsible for managing credit exposures of all clients within the Commercial and Institutional Banking (CIB) business line with increased (credit) risk. Our goal is to improve the risk profile of the client while maintaining the relationship and ultimately return a performing client to the regular commercial teams of our bank.
As a senior restructurer you analyze the current situation, determine the strategy & action plan and present your view to the  credit committees. You conduct negotiations with all involved internal & external (international) stakeholders  (management, equity providers, advisors, other banks or investors), and implement the deal. Thereby you work closely with your internal deal team and external professional advisors.  Financial restructuring entails a wide range of possible outcomes and therefore requires in depth knowledge of amongst other: credit structuring, (private) equity and/or M&A, legal, sector knowledge (when relevant).  As a restructurer you will have frequent contact with clients. Depending on the stage and level of distress , this client contact can be more or less frequent and intense. This all requires strong negotiation skills, and a fair level of project/process management skills. A senior restructurer is granted a substantial credit approval authority. Besides handling your own client relationships, you will be asked to approve credit proposals from colleagues that handle other client relationships. Next to the responsibility towards all client related processes, it is expected from a Senior Restructurer to lead the internal dealteam, and coach other colleagues involved from FR&R. In all restructurings at least 2 FR&R colleagues are involved. The ‘extended’ deal teams usually includes colleagues from several other business lines. Taking into account limitations of corporate governance and efficiency, FR&R will team up with other business lines where possible. Within the dealteams a constant fine-tuning  of workload and workstream responsibilities is required.  In the current dynamic social and regulatory scope of banking, the regulators and supervisors are an indisputably part of the restructuring playing field. Especially within FR&R IC&S, where on average the larger distressed exposures are managed, this has become an element of day-to-day work. Also the changing banking landscape in general is impacting FR&R, therefore internal improvement processes and innovations are facilitated and encouraged within all FR&R teams. 

Your working environment

The senior Restructuring team (approximately 8-10 colleagues) is part of FR&R International Clients  (approximately 40-45 colleagues)  and active in an international environment with multiple stakeholders (banks, other creditors, advisors, etc.) and multiple legal jurisdictions. FR&R IC&S is globally responsible for financial restructuring and recovery activities for all CIB clients (international & large corporate clients) of the bank. The team can be described as; professional, ambitious & transparent.  We enjoy finding creative solutions for our clients, help each other by sharing lessons learned and generally act as a sparring partner.  ‘Het nieuwe werken’ is fully embraced within FR&R IC&S. 

Your profile

We are looking for a professional with a thorough background in corporate credit structuring and/or M&A and/or private equity. Who 
•    is able to draft and implement creative and solution-oriented action plans within FR&R policy parameters
•    can bring together multiple stakeholders with conflicting interests.
•    can lead dealteams and at the same time act as a team player within these dealteams
Are you up for the challenge and join our team? Requirements:
•    Master in business economics (or comparable) 
•    at least 6 years of relevant working experience
•    Thorough knowledge of credit structuring, risk analyses, financial modelling, legal credit issues
•    Proven experience in handling professional client relationships witch multiple related (internal and external) stakeholders 
•    experience with LMA documentation, M&A, and/or Equity solutions  is preferred
•    able to act in stressful situations
•    strong negotiations skills
•    good coaching skills
•    thorough knowledge of Dutch and English, both spoken and written

What we offer

An inspiring and dynamic working environment in which you will work with various international stakeholders and where your vision and approach will make the difference. You will have a unique opportunity to be part of a team of professionals who work together in creating value and an optimal solution for our clients and our bank. You will work with a group of people with the same drive and vision. People who will be as diverse as our clients in terms of background, preferences and interests. We encourage people to show courage, experiment and learn from mistakes. Time pressure is not unusual in financial restructuring. Because of the large number of stakeholders involved, you are not always able to set your own agenda. This requires personal flexibility, but also flexibility in travelling. The job however offers a lot of freedom and self- responsibility . FR&R IC&S offers a wide range of hard (postgraduate course in insolvency law is mandatory) and soft skill trainings. This is your opportunity to become the professional that you want to be!We are offering:

  • The opportunity to be the best you can be, work flexible hours and lots of room to grow both personally and professionally
  • The opportunity to pro-actively work on your vitality and fitness
  • Market-conform Salary
  • Substantial education budget and a public transportation card.
  • A large responsibility and the freedom to do your job
  • A well-equipped office, and all required facilities to do your job
  • Possibility of joining the training program at our very own IT Academy (only for junior applicants)
  • Room to visit (tech-related) seminars
  • Required investments to boost your personal skills
  • A client base of +/- 5mio users for you to make an impact on

Are you interested? Please react then to this vacancy. For addtional information please contact Christiaan Podt ( Head of Financial Restructuring International Clients): +31 (0) 6 - 109 05 886,