Agnies Lobbezoo

I was raised in an entrepreneurial atmosphere.


I came to the Netherlands as a Polish law graduate nineteen years ago. I took an intensive Dutch course and then started to work at another bank. My first contact with ABN AMRO was in 2000 – it was love at first sight! I’ve worked here for the past twelve years.


I’m a Marketeer at Private Banking, which is a very varied job. I might spend the morning with colleagues discussing new functionality for payment products, and then head off into a totally different world with a meeting at a media agency. I don’t have a nine-to-five mentality, so flexible working suits me.

My passion

People: that’s why I work at a bank. I love to dance too: practising at home is what I do for exercise. Art is another passion of mine. I introduced the wonderful art collection to all Private Banking offices.

My week

We have a team meeting every Monday morning, but the rest of the week is very varied. I have to head off in a while for an appointment at a different office. And then I have a meeting with my manager. On Wednesday I’m attending a course on clear writing, and on Thursday there’s a phone conference about diversity plans. Then it’s almost the weekend. Two more meetings and then an end-of-the week drink!

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