Christel Westerveen

I’m at the ‘nerve centre’, so I learn a lot about the bank and about regulatory authorities. Complex, but fascinating.


After studying Business Administration in Nijmegen, I moved to Amsterdam, where I joined ING. I learned and developed quickly, and after a while I wanted to go into management. I found a suitable position at ABN AMRO. It was a big change, but my heart is¬†absolutely ‘green and yellow’ now.


I’ve been able to grow and develop in every job I’ve held at ABN AMRO so far. Lending has been the theme of my career here. I’d like to become an expert in this field, and that’s why I’ve deliberately worked on this topic from various angles. In March 2014, I became a Risk Policy Advisor at Risk Management, where we develop and monitor the lending risk policy.

My passion

I have many: professional, sports-related, mental and social. Sharing your passion makes you stronger. With my fellow Running Junkies, I’m working towards running the Amsterdam marathon. Three years ago, I also took part in a ‘coach a first-former’ project. I got to know a Turkish girl and coached her in making the major transition from primary to secondary school. We hit it off and really bonded. Although the project is long since over, we still cook together once a week and discuss the challenges in our lives. It’s very enlightening!

My week

My week mainly consists of formulating credit and risk policy. This work is never done, as you constantly have to adapt the policy to new external regulations, the economic trend and the latest market insights. I’m at the ‘nerve centre’, so I can learn a lot about the bank’s governance and the impact of the regulatory authorities. My job is complex, but always fascinating and challenging.

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