Heleen Bovekerk

Working together is a lot easier and more fun if you know each other a bit better!


I’m very happy with my job at ALM/Treasury, where I ended up after studying Market Research. I completed a postgraduate programme in Treasury Management last year. It was good for my development, and it’s great that the bank offers such opportunities.


I started as a Trainee at Fortis more than five years ago. I was just starting my final assignment when the crisis hit. I’m still learning in my current position and am very satisfied. At the same time, I’m keeping an eye on other opportunities within the bank.

My passion

I love travelling. It’s helped me to understand the world a bit better and to place our Dutch way of doing things in a broader context. I spent six weeks in South America last year and am already planning my next trip.

My week

At our Monday team meetings, we discuss what’s going on and who’s working on what. I might also be working on our forecasts for the bank’s solvency position, for example, or evaluating the preparation of the interim report.

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