Astrid Abdoelkarim

As an interim professional, your expertise and personality will add immediate value to ABN AMRO. You’ll work as part of a team on specialist projects that have an impact on the organisation. That’s how you help build a better bank.

Distinguish yourself as an interim professional

We are offering you the chance to be part of our development towards a new form of banking: modern, diverse, accessible and in the interests of the customer in every respect. That is a step-by-step process, so your legal, technical, financial or commercial expertise will be put to good use. But we are also looking for something extra. Something in you. Such as a knowledge of people, the ability to overcome obstacles intelligently and to surprise both colleagues and customers. Your role is to strengthen or lead a project team with your knowledge and personal qualities. We appreciate that, and that is something you will notice; you will belong from day one.

Very much at home

The fact that you are an interim professional says a lot about how you engage with your profession. You want to use your expertise, continue to develop your knowledge and gain new experiences. And you want to achieve an optimum work-life balance. ABN AMRO has assignments that suit your way of working. Such as change processes that have a deep impact on the organisation, but also assignments that are ‘business as usual’. We offer a pleasant working environment where you can be yourself: a specialist who adds value on a project basis. With your expertise of course, but also with your personality.

Interim assignments

ABN AMRO Interim is the exclusive platform for freelancers at ABN AMRO. This is where demand and supply converge and where you can find all the interim assignments.

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