As an interim professional, you provide added value for ABN AMRO by who you are and the expertise you bring to the table. You will work on specialised projects that significantly impact the organisation and you will genuinely be a part of the team from day one. In this way, you will help ABN AMRO evolve and reach new heights.

ABN AMRO Talent Pool

We have set up a team of talent sourcers to ensure the right interim professional is matched to the right project. This team is always on the lookout for new interim professionals and will be your designated point of contact once you have registered with the ABN AMRO talent pool. As soon as you have registered with us, we will keep you posted as to whether there are any suitable interim projects. We will do this by telephone or email.

What to expect

• A dynamic, rapidly changing environment that is conducive to a healthy work-life balanceĀ 

• An appreciative environment that recognises the added value of your expertise but also presents new experiences and opportunities to learnĀ 

• A stimulating environment that offers a range of diverse projects, from change processes that impact the organisation considerably, to ‘business as usual’ projects.


If you are interested in working for us as an interim professional, please register with us so that our talent sourcers can contact you if a suitable project comes up.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please email Alternatively, you can contact our talent sourcer, Xiomara van Brussel, on: +31 (0)6 26968783.

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