Jamila el Mourabet

By working together well, we ensure the advancement of multicultural talant within the bank.


I’m a Moroccan with an Achterhoek twist. I was born and raised in Groenlo, in a loving home with five children and two foster kids. As a child, I wanted to be a stewardess. But I discovered when studying Commercial Economics that I had a talent for sales.


I started out as a Preferred Banker, but I quickly switched to Recruitment and specialised in diversity. When the need arose for a Diversity Coach, I took the job. These days I’m a Diversity Consultant and I also devise policy.

My passion

People, people and more people! I was the same as a child – my parents were¬†always losing me. I’d been knocking on doors again, hanging around for hours because I wanted to hear about everything. I like sports too. Turn the music up and box the hell out of a punchbag!

My week

My working weeks are never the same. Working at Diversity & Inclusion means having an advisory, facilitating and coordinating role at all levels. We work closely with various departments, because that’s the only way to achieve a more diverse organisation.

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