Jeanne Werkhoven

I constantly ask myself what I can do better, what I still want to learn.


I finished secondary school (havo) at sixteen and went off to study and live in a different city. I was only  young, but I managed just fine. I completed a higher vocational education programme in four years and, with a view to my career, went on to study Public Administration at university.


Just over four and a half years ago I undertook the Internal Consultancy traineeship at Fortis. We were still in Brussels then; it was a really fantastic time. A couple of months after finishing the programme, I was invited to go and run a small department. What an honour that was!

My passion

I absolutely love sport; it’s a great way to burn off energy. I also have a passion for clothes, shoes and bags. Colleagues laugh when I arrive at the office every morning in a dress and matching shoes. That's just who I am!

My week

The last few months have been rather unusual, as I've been taking care of my former manager’s duties. His successor had been appointed, but she went on maternity leave first. The amount I've learned is incredible! I'll soon be starting my new job as a CE expert.

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