Joost Korse

The traineeship takes you to many places in the organisation. Everywhere you go, you learn a lot.


After obtaining a degree in Finance from the University of Amsterdam, I joined another bank as a Trainee. It was so interesting that I decided I wanted to work in the financial industry. A great business course at ABN AMRO made me decide to apply for a job here. I’m interested in a broad range of subjects, so I figured a traineeship at Risk Management would be just right for me.


The traineeship takes you to many places in the organisation. You rotate a few times throughout the entire bank, learning a lot everywhere you go. So far I’ve worked on the market risk to which traders are exposed on their positions, for example in options, bonds or swaps. I’ve also done some work on credit and interest rate risk. I might even get an assignment abroad. In short, this is a very challenging and diverse traineeship!

My passion

Winter sports! This year I’m going with fellow trainees and other colleagues – and I can’t wait. I’m also fascinated by financial markets. It’s intriguing to see the impact of economic news or geo-political tensions. Several times a day, I check to see what’s happening on the markets and I read the financial news. I use this information when making investment decisions. When I get it right, it’s a great feeling.

My week

I’m starting this week off with a one-day training course in self-contemplation and presentation skills, together with my trainee group. Afterwards, we often chat over a drink. I’ll also be giving a presentation on the impact of new regulations on market risk. Our team will also be drawing up the weekly senior management report on developments in the financial markets.

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