Jos Blom

Doing challenging work at ABN AMRO and running seven small businesses – it’s a great combination that makes me soar.


I have a pretty diverse educational background. First I went to hotel school, then I studied Fiscal Economics. I also got a degree in business administration from Erasmus University while I was working at ABN AMRO. I’ve also lived in a variety of places: I was born in a small village in the province of Groningen, but I have also lived in London and CuraƧao. Meanwhile, I’ve settled down with my wife and two great sons in an old farmhouse in Friesland.


I enjoy variety, that’s for sure. I always look for the best of both worlds at the office, too. I work at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam three days a week. My current position as a Business Consultant is very varied. I love working at such a big company with such clever colleagues. I also co-own seven businesses, from a delicatessen and a home accessories shop to an ice cream factory.

My passion

Life itself! Seeing opportunities and making my dreams come true – that’s what really makes me happy. It’s a lot of hard work, of course, but it gives me so much energy. My choices don’t always leave me enough time for other things, but I always make time to spend with my family and friends. These are valuable moments that I enjoy immensely.

My week

Very varied! There are days that I meet with a regional director at the bank in the morning, go to the AH supermarket in Zaandam to sell my ice cream in the afternoon, and finish up my work for ABN AMRO in the evening. On Sundays you’ll find me at the ice cream factory in the morning and with my family in the afternoon. Doing challenging work at ABN AMRO and doing great things as a business owner in Friesland – it’s a great combination that makes me soar.

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