Laura ter Heijden

I was given heavy-duty assignments rather quickly during my traineeship, which is brilliant.


I was born and raised in Heemstede and eventually ended up in Amsterdam after studying in Rotterdam. I love it here - I have a great apartment and what I enjoy most is running in the park and meeting up with my friends in an outdoor café.


I was given heavy-duty assignments rather quickly during my traineeship at ABN AMRO. That’s brilliant. That experience was very useful in my job as Controller. After 18 months, I was ready for the step to Business Manager at Private Banking.

My passion

If I get a chance, I catch a plane to see the most beautiful places on earth. Ideally, I like to combine sun and sea with culture and sights. My favourite destination is Asia, but it can be closer to home as well. The South of England, for example.

My week

This week, I have spent a lot of time on work for the regional Management Team; preparations, the MT itself and processing the actions ensuing from it. In addition, I analyse the financial results from the branches. I have just started the CFA level 1 course too, but I follow that course in the evenings.

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