Linda Ruiters

I had to work flat out, but things move quickly once you get going!


When I was 18, I moved from South Limburg to Tilburg to study Economics. That was one of the best decisions of my life, as I had a great time in Tilburg. I quickly learned how to look after myself and had an active student life.


I was an SME Relationship Manager at Fortis for seven years, and was given a branch of my own to run quite quickly after that. Two commercial branches were added following the merger with ABN AMRO, including a reorganisation. So I had to work flat out, but I learned a lot!

My passion

Relaxation through exertion, that’s me. For four weeks a year, I am not available to customers and colleagues. I love to put my busy and often quite materialistic life into perspective by travelling in the most basic way possible.

My week

I spend a lot of my time on the road visiting customers and potentials and solving problems. My external function entails that I also work two or three evenings a week. Fortunately, I can usually organise my days in the way that I want thanks to the New World of Work.

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