Marja van Geel

People buying a home are at a crossroads in their lives. I help them right up until they get the keys.


I started work in the back office in 1981, in the days when we still processed giro collection forms manually. I then became a cashier at a branch office. Following various training courses, I took on advisory work. When I had children, I wanted to fully experience their development and went part-time for a while. Later, I began to specialise.


These are dynamic times, with mergers and ongoing change in the financial world. I now work as a Mortgage Advisor. Five years from now, my job will be totally different: far more digital in nature yet at the same time more personal. We already provide advice to customers by webcam, or at their homes. There is a growing demand for this service.

My passion

I’ve got several. Reading is one of them: I read everything. I also enjoy travelling to new parts of the world with my husband. We used to take a backpack and tent; these days we go on diving holidays. And coming¬†from Brabant as I do, there’s no escaping carnival: months of preparation culminate in a four-day party.

My week

Every file is a new challenge. Whether they’re buying a house together or getting divorced, customers are at a crossroads in their lives. I do my best to help them. ‘Right up until they get the keys’ is my motto. You build a personal relationship with each and every customer. That’s why I always give them a small gift when they get the keys. I also like to go out and visit local estate agents and events. It’s a full schedule, but manageable thanks to our flexible working hours.

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