Delta Lloyd Bank

Dealinformatie DLB

About Delta Lloyd Bank

Delta Lloyd Bank is part of Delta Lloyd Group and offers private customers products such as savings, investment and mortgages. The last few years Delta Lloyd Bank has focused on the mortgage market. In 2014 their Dutch portfolio amounted to 13.1 billion euros and they sold new mortgages worth a total of 825 million euros. In the last quarter of 2014 they showed the strongest growth in the market.

Delta Lloyd Bank's needs

To continue this growth, it’s essential for Delta Lloyd Bank to have sufficient capital to remain solvent and liquid. These are important criteria to the regulator. Furthermore Delta Lloyd Bank needed to refinance outstanding securitizations. In a changing world of IFRS, Basle 3 and Solvency 2, they were looking for a financial solution without the use of a swap.

Relevant factors

Our approach

ABN AMRO has been Delta Lloyd’s trusted advisor for years and has provided multiple financial solutions. We were the only bank that proactively sought contact to discuss an upcoming refinancing. Besides a strategic dialogue we were able to offer an innovative solution. And, were committed to shape this transaction. Delta Lloyd Bank chose ABN AMRO as lead manager to arrange and distribute the transaction.

Our solution

Mortgages worth of 1.6 billion euros were securitisized and sold to institutional investors. For the first time in recent years without a back-to-back swap, but using an interest cap. A simple and transparent product that gives a new impulse to the securitization market. As a result Delta Lloyd Bank’ balance sheet has sufficient room to sell new mortgages. The Arena NHG 2014-I and Arena NHG 2014-II transaction was rewarded with the Securitization Award 2015.