Van Oord


About Van Oord

Van Oord is a leading Dutch family-owned company specialized in dredging, engineering and offshore projects. They offer global innovative solutions for maritime challenges, such as better ports and strengthened coastlines. They have an excellent track record in exceptional projects. In the future Van Oord wants to focus more on the offshore market and in wind farms specifically.

Van Oord's needs

Van Oord has been appointed as contractor for the construction of one of the world's biggest wind farms, Gemini. They are responsible for the design, procurement, construction and installation of the wind farm. Besides government participation, the involvement of a Dutch bank was required to make Gemini possible. This gave the necessary confidence to other (foreign) investors.

Relevant factors

Our approach

ABN AMRO was enthusiastic about Gemini from the beginning. Our knowledge of the energy market enabled us to conduct a proper risk assessment. Also Van Oord’s track record played a vital role. It gave us the confidence needed to step into this project  and give an early commitment.

Our solution

The size of the project calls for an extensive financing, which we provided. We are also the account bank and manage the required reserve depots. ABN AMRO support projects that contribute to a better world. Gemini is an important step into the this direction.