About us

ABN AMRO Participaties

ABN AMRO Participaties provides equity financing to profitable companies in the Netherlands in nearly all sectors, with the exception of, financial services and real estate. We invest in companies with a solid market position, clear growth potential (autonomously or by means of acquisitions) and an actively involved and decisive management team that is prepared to co-invest. We invest on average between € 5 million and € 30 million per transaction, and are able to team up with other investors for larger amounts.

We work in close partnership with management. Based on a clear business plan for value creation, we are actively involved without taking over the operational management. In issues concerning strategy, M&A and financing we are often more intensively involved. In addition, due to our broad experience and extensive network, we can provide added value to nearly all disciplines of an organization. We see ourselves as a reliable, flexible and professional partner with an efficient decision making process and a long term view.

Connection to ABN AMRO Bank

ABN AMRO Participaties is a subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank, which provides for sufficient access to knowledge and equity capital in order to support our portfolio companies in their growth plans. Our operations and decision making processes however are strictly separated from ABN AMRO Bank, as are our office and information system. ABN AMRO Participaties is 100% owned by the ABN AMRO Bank and does not have third party investors in its investment funds.

Experienced and flexible partner

We are a reliable, flexible and professional partner with an efficient decision making process and a long term view. Having completed over 100 transactions, the team has gained access to an extensive network of advisors, managers and supervisory board members, which can be leveraged by our portfolio companies. Although we have no restrictions in terms of deal structure (e.g. minority vs. majority shareholdings), we do require a certain amount of control over important decisions such as exit, strategy and management appointments.

Besides management buy-outs and buy-ins, ABN AMRO Participaties also invests in other forms of equity related financing, such as expansion- and growth financing, shareholding replacements, turn-arounds (in co-operation with specialized partners) and financing issues related to succession. Typically we remain shareholder in our portfolio companies for 5 to 7 years, however as a subsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank we have the flexibility to extend that period.

ABN AMRO Participaties is a member of the NVP (“Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen” - Dutch Society of Private Equity Sponsers) and adheres to the code of conduct  which has been formulated by the NVP.