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Website Business description Year of investment Year of divestment
109x45 Amafilter Amafilter - Design, assembly and marketing of filtration systems. 2005 2008
109x45 Atag Atag - Development, production and marketing of high value heating products and services. 2005 2010
109x45 amstelland Amstelland MDC - Development of office buildings as well as residential and retail property. 1994 2005
109x45 Bandridge Bandridge - Sourcing, sales and distribution of connectivity products for the consumer electronics market. 2008 2011
109x45 Barenburg Barenburg - Wholesale and distribution of grass and forage seeds. 1996 2004
109x45 Bastini Bastini - Production of private label savory snacks for  European retail chains. 1998 2005
109x45 BMA  BMA Ergonomics - Manufacturing and distribution of ergonomic office chairs in Europe. 2007 2015
109x45 Boertien Boertien groep - Management training and development. 2001 2007
109x45 Brink Brink - Industrial products and services for air and heating equipment. 1990 2003
204x37-Claymount Claymount - Design, manufacturing and supply of specialist high voltage cables and connectors, and components for the global (medical & industrial) X-ray industry. 2011 2015
109x45 Commit Commit - Specialist in safety, health and welfare services. 1996 2000
109x45 De Raat De Raat / Safe - Wholesale and distribution of safes and related products. 1998 2005
110x23-Duomed Duo-med - Active in the sales and marketing of specialized surgical instruments and disposals. 2014 2017
109x45 ECU Line Eculine - Consolidation of non-vessel operating (sea) freight. 2003 2005
109x45 Eekels Eekels Pompen - Manufacturing, rental and distribution of water and sludge pumps. 2007 2014
109x45 europecontainer Europe Combined Terminals - Terminal operator in the port of Rotterdam. 1998 2001
75x86-Evenementenhal Evenementenhal - Operation of event venues in Hardenberg and Gorinchem that host regional trade fairs and consumer events. 2008 2016
109x45 Ferro Ferro - Production (vitreous enameling) of semi-finished products for industrial and household purposes, as well as development, production and sales of PEMS (thick-film) heating elements. 1998 2005
109x45 Foreign Foreign Media - Production, sales and distribution of multi media products. 2001 2009
109x45 General Coatings General Coatings - Provider of anti-corrosion treatment solutions for static marine constructions, hydro-electric power stations, drinking water infrastructures, and the oil and gas industry. 2002 2006
109x45 Geveke  Geveke - Supplier and distributor of process equipment for the oil & gas, (petro-) chemical and production industry, and distributor of compressed air and climate technology equipment. 2008 2014
109x45 Hartman Hartman - Production of garden furniture. 1997 2004
109x45 Hebu HeBu Holding - Wholesale of industrial hoses, spare parts and accessories for hydraulic systems. 1997 2006
109x45 Heiploeg Heiploeg - Processing and trading of shrimps and other shellfish. 1995 2000
109x77-Helvoet Helvoet - Develops and manufactures rubber and plastic components and assemblies for various industrial applications. 2009 2015
109x45 HES HES Beheer - Holding company for providers of logistics services in ports. 1992 2003
109x45 Hokofarm Hokofarm - Development, production and distribution of automation products for the dairy- and stock farming. 2000 2004
109x45 Incotec Incotec - Development of coating and seed en hancement technology serving the global agronomic, forage, vegetable and flower seed industry. 2007 2015
109x45 Indufil Indufil - Engineering and assembly of industrial filtration systems to the petrochemical and power generation industry. 2001 2008
109x45 Intergarden Intergarden - Production of private label pickled products. 2000 2006
109x45 O'Neill Joint Services International - Design, sourcing and distribution of branded apparel. The company’s main apparel brand is O’Neill (under license of O’Neill Inc. USA). 1998 2007
109x45 JVH JVH Gaming - Development, production and distribution of gaming machines. 1999 2006
109x45 KDG KDG - Production of CD’s, CD-ROM’s, DVD’s and development and manufacturing of process and quality control systems for the optical media industry. 1998 2004
109x45 kiwa Kiwa - Testing, inspection and certification of proccesses, products, personnel and organisations. 2006 2011
109x45 Koopmans Koopmans - Production and sales of pancakes and related products. 1991 2002
109x45 Kopcke Köpcke Groep - Ship supply & trading. 1991 2000
109x45 Kuiken  Kuiken  - Kuiken is a distributor and service provider of construction equipment and cranes in the Benelux. 2009 2015
109x45 Livit Livit - Production and fitting of orthopedic supplies. 2001 2007
109x45 Mammoet Mammoet - Heavy lifting and transportation. 1999 2006
109x45 Marko  Marko - Development and production of school and office furniture. 2009 2012
109x45 Meneba Meneba - Production of flour. 2001 2005
109x45 MidOcean group  MidOcean - Wholesaler of promotional articles in Europe. 1999 2013
109x45 Minkels Minkels - Manufacturing of electronic housings for data and telecom. 1997 2007
109x45 Motip Motip Dupli - Production, sales and distribution of aerosols, paint and car refinish products. 1998 2003
109x45 MRI Centrum MRI Diagnostiek - Provider of medical diagnoses with the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). 1999 2011
109x45 Multidevelopment Multi Development Corporation N.V. (‘MDC’) - Project development of shopping malls, offices and residential complexes in Europe. 1994 2002
109x45 Navteq Navteq - Development and marketing of geographic databases and products. 1998 2005
109x45 Falck Nutec Nutec - Safety and fire fighting training as well as consultancy for the offshore and maritime industry. 2000 2004
109x45 Ozgazi Özgazi - Manufacturing of Turkish feta cheese under own label (Lezzet) as well as under third party private label. 1995 2003
109x45 Pfixx  Pfixx Solar - Design, engineering and development of solar power plants and solar projects. 2011 2012
109x45 Revab Revab - Manufacturing of wheelchairs and adapted bicycles. 2005 2010
109x45 RSG Royal Schouten - Development, production and marketing of special semi-manufactured products for compound feeds, pet foods, fish feeds and human health products. 1983 2004
267x62-SFK Leblanc SFK Leblanc - Develops, produces and maintains high quality slaughter lines, cutting lines and logistic solutions, including warehousing for the food industry. 2008 2016
109x45 Starsweets Starsweets - Distribution of sweets. 1998 2005
109x45 Supertape  Supertape - Developing and production of self-adhesive tapes for industrial and private end-users in, amongst others, the retail, automotive, paper, packaging, electronic and construction sector. 1999 2013
109x45 Triade Triade Holding - Multiq-brand wholesale of consumer electronics, mobile equipment, personal navigation devices and recordable media. 2006 2010
109x45 Troostwijk Troostwijk - Industrial appraisal -for insurance purposes- of movable property and real estate in the Netherlands. 1997 2002
109x45 Twynstra Twijnstra Gudde - Consultancy services (project and programme management, change management and organisational design). 1997 2002
109x45 Van Lier Van Lier - Production and sales of Van Lier shoes for men. 1997 2007
109x45 Vanderlande Vanderlande Industries - Supply of innovative material handling systems for distribution centers, mail-order, parcel handling, production companies and baggage handling systems for airports. 1988 2009
109x45 Verosol  Verosol - Development production and distribution of the Verosol premium functional blinds (formerly known as Blydenstein-Willink). 2006 2012
109x45 Viking Viking River Cruises - River cruises. 2000 2007
109x45 Vos Vos Intermodal - International logistic services provider. 2003 2004