Account identification by means of IBAN

The creditor’s IBAN

If you wish to make a SEPA credit transfer, you must always enter the creditor’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

For SEPA credit transfers within the SEPA area with ABN AMRO accounts kept in the Netherlands, you don’t have to add the BIC anymore. This goes both for the creditor’s and the debtor’s account. ABN AMRO automatically fills in the BIC for you. Do you fill in a BIC anyway? Then ABN AMRO will always use this BIC for the payment. 

I have customised accounting software. What action should I take?

Your accounting software or application should be adapted for the use and storage of IBAN and BIC. Your system must be able to handle 34 alphanumeric characters for the IBAN and 11 alphanumeric characters for the BIC.

I have standard accounting software. What action should I take?

Adapt your accounting software or application for the use and storage of the IBAN and the BIC. You should contact your software supplier about this.