Your satisfaction is our priority. If you feel our services could be improved, we’d like you to tell us. We would also appreciate hearing your suggestions, questions or complaints. For example, about the explanation you were given about a product, an employee’s response to your query or the way you were served. No matter what the issue is, we always try to find a suitable solution. The sooner you get in touch with us, the better. After all, if your query or complaint arose a long time ago, it could be difficult for us to collect information and give you a rapid reply.

What happens next?

If possible, we’ll respond as soon as we can. If we need more time, we will always send you a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours, reporting:

You can forward your suggestion, question or complaint to your contact person.

Did you expect a different solution?

If you disagree with the response to your complaint, you may lodge an appeal. This means you request the Alternative Dispute Resolution entity (ADR) in your country to reassess your complaint. The ADR will review the reply you were initially given.