ABN AMRO supports calls for clear climate policy

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Together with a number of other Dutch banks and pension funds, ABN AMRO endorses the Global Investor Statement on Climate Change.

The Statement, published yesterday, has been signed by 285 financial organisations from all over the world. Together, they call upon governments to pursue a clear climate policy.

ABN AMRO and the other investors believe that not enough money is being invested in efforts to combat climate change. In the view of ABN AMRO, a clear climate policy is essential to ensure that investors are given certainty about the returns on their climate-friendly investments.

The Netherlands Court of Audit, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and ING Bank have recently published reports showing that several of the present Dutch government’s targets, such as on carbon emission reductions and sustainable energy, will not be achieved under current policy. The reports also state that 10 billion euros will need to be invested in sustainable energy facilities over the next ten years in order to achieve the climate objectives.

It is not only the Netherlands which needs to make additional investments in order to combat global warming and carbon emissions. International investments to combat climate change are also below par, according to ABN AMRO and the other signatories to the Statement.

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