Gerrit Zalm on ABN AMRO, the stock markets and the stability of EU member states

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On Thursday, 9 August Gerrit Zalm appeared as a guest on the Dutch TV programme Knevel & Van den Brink.

During the programme he talked about ABN AMRO, developments on the stock markets and the stability of EU member states. “The volatility on the stock markets is extreme", he said. "There are concerns about sovereign debt in some countries; that’s certainly the case in America, and within Europe, too, there are some countries which have major problems with their public finances.

That is a worrying development and it is important that calm is restored to the financial markets. Businesses will otherwise start to get nervous and may delay investments. Then we could start to see an impact on the real economy. So far, that's been holding up reasonably well, but if the financial unrest continues, it's bound to have an impact.”


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