ABN AMRO introduces the ‘Paspakker’ card gripper

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Taking your debit card out of an ATM: a seemingly simple, everyday action. But that’s not the case for everyone. Older people or people suffering with arthritis, rheumatism or other muscle or joint disorders often have difficulty in making this small pinching motion. To help them, ABN AMRO is introducing the Paspakker card gripper on 1 October, the International Day of Older Persons.

Helping hand

The ABN AMRO Paspakker card gripper fits virtually all ATMs, as well as payment terminals in locations such as car parks and railway stations. It can save a great deal of trouble and effort, especially at terminals fitted with an attachment to prevent skimming.

It will be available free of charge from ABN AMRO branches on 1 October

Using the Paspakker card gripper is simplicity itself. Place it against the card slot in the terminal. The card is gripped between the rubber gripper pads in the jaw of the Paspakker, following which it can removed from the machine easily. There is no need to use the fingers, making life easier for older persons and people with muscle or joint disorders. The Paspakker card gripper can be collected free of charge by anyone (whether or not they are clients of the bank) on 1 October (International Day of Older Persons) from ABN AMRO branches.

The introduction of the Paspakker card gripper is a very logical step for ABN AMRO: ‘A simple solution to a major problem for this group of users. It gives them the independence to use their debit card or to buy a ticket from a ticket vending machine, for example. That was our starting point’, says Klaas Niewold, Head of Older Persons Client Group at ABN AMRO.

Information for today’s over-65s

At the same time as the Paspakker, ABN AMRO is also introducing a booklet specially developed for clients reaching the age of 65. It contains practical and useful information for people who are just entering this new phase of life. Making gifts to children/grandchildren, saying goodbye to their leased car, investing in later life: all these things are relevant for today’s over-65s. ABN AMRO will send out the booklet to clients who have (almost) reached the age of 65.



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