ABN AMRO and Essent join forces in solar panel venture

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Assembling solar panels

ABN AMRO and Dutch energy company Essent are pooling their expertise. Essent will supply the solar panels and ABN AMRO will advise potential buyers on funding their purchase, for example with a GreenLoan. Consumers will thus be able to benefit from solar power and energy-saving with a sustainable loan.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, because many people in the Netherlands are keen to invest sustainably in their home. These kinds of investments mean that consumers can quickly save hundreds of euros each year on their energy costs.

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Profiting from the sun with sustainable finance

Essent has observed that finance sometimes acts as a barrier, and is therefore working together with ABN AMRO on the SpaarPanelen campaign, which launches on 5 May. Under this scheme, Essent offers an all-in-one price for which the client receives the solar panels, a transformer, all installation materials, the installation itself and a ten-year Essent Guarantee. The ABN AMRO experts advise the client on the best way of financing the purchase.

Sustainable finance for sustainable investment

Now that interest rates are so low, a sustainable investment in the home can easily deliver a bigger return than money held in a savings account. However, it is also possible to take out a green loan under the ABN AMRO GreenLoans scheme. Green loans lend money for green investments, using money from green funds. In other words, the green money stays green.

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