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Large companies with operations and offices outside the Netherlands often have a tough time keeping track of their cash positions, but today ABN AMRO today added new possibilities to its cash pool platform that make it even easier for clients to manage their cash.

Clients can now access their cash pool structures and other contact details via ‘Access Online’. A special intercompany loan admin module helps them administer loans between holding companies and subsidiaries created through cash pooling.

Last year, ABN AMRO launched a new international cash pooling platform, which allows companies to automatically concentrate their international liquid funds to a single point. Now this platform offers a range of new functionalities. "It often takes companies with operations outside the Netherlands a lot of time and effort to keep track of cash available in the company and manage these funds efficiently. These new functionalities help them to fully leverage that cash in their company. Our cash pool platform clearly meets the demand for a customised solution and shows that we’re responding to our clients’ latest needs," says Eppo Heemstra, responsible for cash management at ABN AMRO.


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