One in four Dutch people is open to receiving mortgage advice via webcam

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A survey recently conducted by ABN AMRO shows that 24% of the Dutch population is open to receiving mortgage advice via webcam. Ninety-three per cent think that the quality of advice is not compromised by communicating by webcam and that it is even the same as a face-to-face meeting. But some respondents are still hesitant: one in four feel it is harder to relate to an advisor by webcam.

From home and outside business hours

ABN AMRO has launched a campaign to promote the bank’s mortgage advisory service via webcam, which makes it unnecessary for customers to visit a bank branch. Advisors can show their customers the financial calculations via the computer, and customers do not need to physically hand over documents at the branch.

The survey respondents believe that the greatest benefit of this service is being able to discuss the mortgage with their advisors from home. Another benefit is the option of making an appointment outside business hours. Respondents prefer to 'meet' with their advisors early in the evening.

ABN AMRO has conducted more than 6,000 mortgage advisory meetings via webcam since the service was launched in October 2011.



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