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Annually, ABN AMRO measures the engagement of its employees. In 2013 the questionnaire used for this purpose was totally revamped. Under the name of Employee Engagement Survey, it was first distributed to staff in September 2013. With a response rate of 76 percent, the results of this survey accurately represent how engaged employees of ABN AMRO are.

The results of the Employee Engagement Survey have improved communication in every layer of the company. All employees are expected to work together in addressing the points for improvement that the survey reveals. Tips and best practices of highly rated teams are available to get everyone started.

Employee Engagement Survey

In total, over 18,000 employees participated in the Employee Engagement Survey over the course of two weeks. The questions asked have been gathered from multiple sources. Some questions are derived from ABN AMRO’s strategy and business principles, and managers and employees used focus groups and interviews to generate other input.

The results of the Employee Engagement Study 2013 have been compared with the results of the Culture Scan 2012 on several points. Engagement has leaped compared to 2012 and previous years. ABN AMRO has a solid base, with 74 per cent of its employees rating their own engagement and dedication as above average. We see a notable increase in the percentage of employees expressing the intention to remain in ABN AMRO employment, which rose from 70 per cent in 2012 to 82 per cent in 2013. Besides that, employees feel strong positive client focus and believe their employer treats them fairly.

Points for improvement

In a variety of areas, employees see plenty of opportunities for ABN AMRO to improve, which largely match the points for improvement identified in previous years. This reflects the deeply felt desire of employees  to achieve real change. A key point in the survey is employees’  perception of the bank’s efficiency and sustainability. This perception is low compared with other results. It is important for ABN AMRO to show that sustainability is not only a way of working, but also part of the bank’s goals. If the bank improves the way it communicates  its vision and its chosen course to employees, we expect engagement in this area to increase further.


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