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Amazon rainforest

ABN AMRO does not want to have anything to do with any transactions or activities that are in conflict with nature conservation. The bank does not finance any companies that are involved in illegal logging or trading wood that has been illegally cut down. Nor does it want to finance companies contributing to deforestation or the destruction of ecologically critical areas. ABN AMRO is therefore engaging with our stakeholders to strengthen our lending policy and ensure that our investments protect forests and nature conservation.

Richard Kooloos, Head of Sustainable Banking at ABN AMRO: "ABN AMRO does not just stand around and watch – we talk to customers and prospects every day about our principles regarding the approach to and management of sustainable risks. We do not accept any activities our customers carry out that are in conflict with nature conservation, even if the activities take place within our customers’ chain. If a potential customer does not meet our requirements, we will not do business with that party. If an existing customer does not meet our requirements, we will have a serious talk with them to bring about improvements and will terminate the relationship if we see that the customer isn’t making sufficient progress. That’s how we take responsibility for protecting the world’s remaining forests."

ABN AMRO has a strict nature conservation policy. The bank assesses customers and credit applications based on ecological, social and ethical risks. We also screen new customers by assessing their activities based on our sustainability risk policy. To ensure those criteria are sufficiently robust, we are continuously consulting stakeholders to identify and address any gaps in our policy. More information on our nature conservation policy is available on the sustainability section on our website and in the list of activities we exclude.


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